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Traditionally, when talking about vodka and food pairing, pickles definitely come to mind first, mainly because salty and strong foods consumed with vodka can help balance the drink out. Pairing vodka with food and getting the combination right is almost an art form. Tapas-like meals often known as 'zakuski' consist of dishes like caviar, pickled fruit and vegetables, blinis, salted mackerel, herring, piroshki and many others. When preparing your vodka pairings menu, it is always good to consider different types of vodka. Grain-based vodkas pair better with salty and pickled dishes, where potato-based vodkas work well with cold cut meats and, as expected, whey or grape-based vodkas go well with different types of cheese.

Thanks to its complexity and smooth character Vodka Dima’s pairs really well with pickled gherkins, onions and mushrooms. But feel free to experiment with other dishes like steak tartare or oysters. If you prefer a little cocktail, definitely embrace The Classic Martini with 3:1 ratio or The Gibson Martini, adding an umami undertone to the cocktail with a pickled onion.

Vodka Dima’s is produced in the heart of Ukraine and uses three of the highest quality grains: barley, wheat and rye, which deliver a richer and more rounded flavour profile than a typical single grain vodka. It comes in a beautiful rectangular bottle with blue and a gold label, including a special trident logo, which is a modern adaptation of the Ukrainian coat of arms, representing its unique three-grain signature blend.

Tasting notes: Subtle mineral notes on the nose with light undertones of grain. The body of Vodka Dima’s delivers velvety sweetness with hints of vanilla, followed by gentle peppery notes and a touch of cereal character. The finish is medium-bodied with long lasting mouthfeel, full of complexity and well-balanced creamy taste.

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