Mermaid Salt Vodka is produced by The Isle of Wight Distillery, and for me it ticks all the boxes. It not only delivers a unique flavour and character but its beautiful bottle design stands out. The vodka is packaged in a distinctive bottle that is plastic-free, with a plant-based biodegradable seal and an all-natural top.

It all starts with a neutral grain-based spirit, which is then infused with sea salt sourced from local supplier Wight Salt. The saltiness comes through immediately on the first sip and gives Mermaid Salt Vodka mineral and earthy notes with long-lasting and full-bodied finish.

According to its producers "a pinch of locally sourced sea salt, enhancing its smoothness and accentuating its subtle flavour, like the gentle kiss of a mermaid." It is great to see that the distillery is sourcing local ingredients to enhance the native essence and create a quality vodka with savoury notes and scent of surrounding seas.

Tasting notes: A combination of pleasant salty notes that are followed by sweet and earthy character with warm and lingering finish. Light peppery notes detectable on the palate with a delicate cereal taste.