Now, more than ever, we enjoy an expertly crafted cocktails at home. The category has grown from 'zero to hero', as ready-to-drink cocktails are becoming one of the nation's favourite drinks of choice. NIO (Needs Ice Only) Cocktails has joined the boom, offering the easiest, most convenient and most convivial way to pour a high-quality cocktail. Created under the direct supervision of NIO's head mixologist, Patrick Pistolesi. NIO Cocktail selection features 15 individual cocktails, ranging from the classics to signature house fusions and their branded boxes are designed to hold 3, 6, or 9 cocktails - simply pick the flavours you like.

Read our guide to the vodka-based NIO Cocktails, that are worth a try!


As one of the most refreshing summer cocktails, the Cosmopolitan is ideal to sip whilst lounging on a beach somewhere exotic, or to serve at summer parties and BBQs. Its sweet flavour and fun colour will always make the Cosmo a huge hit! Patrick Pistolesi, head mixologist at NIO Cocktails, adds: "The Cosmopolitan is a very famous and glamorous drink for the most sophisticated palates."


The sours are thought to have been first served on the high seas by the British Royal Navy. Combining a simple mix of citrus fruits, cordial, sugar, water, and either gin or vodka, the sours were born. Enjoyed today as a light and refreshing summer cocktail. "This drink is a refreshing mega classic that is recognised across the globe, so it was important we included this celebrated drink in NIO's menu," says Patrick.


Garden of Russia cocktail is an unusual, fresh, and fragrant take on the Vodka Sour that's perfect for those gloriously warm, sunny days. Combining vodka, elderflower liqueur and organic citric acid, this bittersweet cocktail has become a firm favourite of NIO Patrons! Inspiration behind this flavourful cocktail came by on a stroll around the stunning Summer Garden in St Petersburg, a cultural treasure that was founded in 1704, where Patrick was dazzled by the beautiful early spring blooms. Intense, colourful and wonderfully perfumed, he set out to recreate the unforgettable experience in the form of a cocktail, thus the Garden of Russia was born.

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