Are you looking for vodka with a lot of character? Baller is your must-try bottle. Handcrafted in the heart of London at Doghouse Distillery, this grain-based vodka will surprise you with a well-balanced cereal flavour, followed by nutty notes and a touch of spiciness. It is made from 100% English wheat sourced from Norfolk and it is completely unfiltered, which in the world of vodka production means it retains most of its original flavours.

Its smooth and silky nature makes it a perfect vodka for a classic dry martini.

And look at this beautiful bottle design…

Baller’s vodka pop comic label was designed by Sydney street artist, Alex Lehours. It depicts a Jack Russell beating a bunch of Dobermans at Poker; representing the underdog with a cocky, over-confident attitude - "baller".

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