A world of vodka has a new category. New generation of vodka, which turns away from the traditional taste of vodka and creates spirit full of different flavours. A perfect example of this unique category is OYESTER44. OYESTER44 is a botanical vodka from The Netherlands with both ‘terroir’ and ‘merrier’ elements in it and was specifically developed for seafood pairing. Oysters in particular but the vodka matches perfectly well with all sorts of crustaceans, shellfish, smoked and raw fish. OYESTER44 just tries to capture the maritime cuisine.


Terroir implies all local environmental elements that bring unique taste and aroma to OYESTER44. The same goes for food from the ocean (Mer). OYESTER44 combines the best from both Terre and Mer in one bottle of craft vodka.

It is distilled from pure grain alcohol, which is blended with oyster distillate and infused with lemon balm, vervain, organic potatoes, pigment and filtered briny seawater from the Oosterschelde.

Letters YE in the name OYESTER44 stand for the harbour village Yerseke, where the oysters used to produce this vodka are being cultivated. Number 44 implies the 44% ABV.

Apart from drinking it pure, it makes a great Bloody Marry, Moscow Mule, Dirty Martinis and it’s a great alternative to Gin when combined with a dry mild tonic.