"Break free from ordinary structures and

experience something outstanding and unique."

U'luvka Vodka is conceived as a modern sipping vodka for sophisticated connoisseurs, who are curious about the latest drinking trends and like to enjoy a good quality vodka. Although U'luvka is targeting outgoing, creative and socially active consumers, its recipe dates back to 17th century and it represents Polish distilling tradition.

The shape of the bottle is inspired by an ancient alchemical distillation vessel and it is a work of art and beauty, representing the synergy between male and female. The logo, a traditional alchemists’ sign, combines symbols for man, woman, sun and moon.

"When something is in harmony, it is inherently beautiful."

U'luvka offers a unique blend of wheat, rye and barley with touch of oats. It is truly enchanting and perfectly balanced. Characterised by very subtle cereal notes, soft and light entry and sweet and clean finish.

U’luvka brings more creativity to vodka drinking habits, following its brand identity and values: Polish, Original, Stylish & Arty.