“Just like heaven. Ever’body wants a little piece of lan”

The natural elements from soil, water, wind and sunlight translate into the actual flavour and experience of vodka, as much as the specific ingredient used. Ogilvy Vodka from Scotland is a perfect example of farm to bottle product. The family farm is located in beautiful surroundings at the base of Glen Ogilvy, which is very near to Glamis Castle. In 2014, the farmer Graeme and his wife Caroline decided to build a distillery right in the centre of the farm and utilise their potato crops.

This is where the modern science meets with the traditional farming. The Master Distiller, Lewis, turns the humble, rustic potatoes into a refined, premium spirit, which embraces the natural flavours. The water is sourced from the nearby Ogilvy Burn, and the whole process is managed on the farm, from growing the potatoes to distilling to bottling.

The input of care, knowledge and passion of vodka making is reflected in the finished product. Ogilvy Vodka is a smooth, clean tasting vodka, with creamy character. The flavour is complex and engaging, the best to sip at room temperature, appreciating the flavour of the ingredients and the quality of its production. If you prefer it over ice try it with a slice of ripe pear, which works really well with the toffee-apple, caramel flavour of Ogilvy Vodka. This sweet flavour occurs from the potatoes caramelising in the cooking process.