Wild honey smells of freedom.

The golden dust – of sunlight.

Become the Alchemist of life.

Take the little that is given to you

And turn it into gold.


Truly original approach to world of vodka - GOLD. Too fancy for you? Not at all. Don’t be afraid to try this exceptional piece inspired by gold. Au Vodka incorporates the periodic table where gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au and atomic number 79. The combination of British heritage and luxury ingredients gives Au Vodka its inimitable character – truly exceptional ultra-premium vodka. The shiny V-shaped gold bottle strikes you the minute you look at it and you almost want to display it as a piece of art in your home and let everyone else admire its beauty with you. Every single bottle is individually labeled by hand and each label has subtle differences making every bottle exclusive.


Au Vodka has a pure character with well-balanced and smooth taste; clean on the nose with a slight hint of minerals, creamy on the palate with a growing flavour of grain. Au Vodka is distilled five times and filtered using traditional charcoal as well as gold as a key component. Gold has mineral properties that give the vodka a smooth and exquisite taste.

Available to purchase from vipbottles.co.uk