Toruńska Vodka, established in 1884 and positioned as Poland’s best kept secret, is being launched into the UK. Influential brand ambassadors have been bought on board to experiment with cocktails and to push the product into high-end on-trade outlets. Sales activity will be supported by social media marketing aimed at reaching and engaging with food and drink-loving millennials. The smooth flavour and aroma owes itself to the natural ingredients, unique rectification process which includes 180+ degree distillation and four-stage filtration. Made in the town of Toruń, the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus, Torunksa is made with water drawn from local Cretaceous deposits, which produce an unadulterated and pure vodka.

Co-founder Sunny Claire said: ‘Vodka is massively on trend this year driven by drinkers’ quest for new tastes, flavours and cocktails. Unlike many of the mass-produced brands, Toruńska combines history and heritage with outstanding taste. We’ve worked with the distillery in Toruń to bring their best vodkas to the UK. We’re delighted to be launching the brand at such an exciting time for the category.’

Torunska Vodka is now available online at the Master of Malt.