#HotCraftSpirits is a new Twitter project launched by social media agency Clarity Comms to help boost the independent spirits sector.

Lets look closer what does actually the word 'CRAFT' express?

1. New techniques and methods of production

2. Combination of traditional and innovative ideas

3. Use of local ingredients which often expresses the character of the land and enables the distillers to control the entire process of distilling

4. Own custom and handmade copper stills that enable to produce the highest quality spirit.

Clarity co-founder Jason Navon commented:

"The last few years has seen a huge increase new spirits entering the market from local, small batch gins and single-estate vodkas to eau-de-vies and flavoured whiskies. But it can be a struggle for some of these brands to get their voices heard".

And that’s why #HotCraftSpirits is encouraging producers, distillers and fans of craft spirits to get involved and vote for their favourites. Votes are displayed on a Twitter powered leaderboard on the campaigns website. Consumers can vote on their favourite craft spirit by Tweeting the brands Twitter handle and the hashtag #HotCraftSpirits. Voting is open until mid May. The spirit brand with the most votes will be crowned the UK’s Hottest Craft Spirit.

Which one is your hot craft spirit? We have some recommendations for you:

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