FAIR. has partnered up with some of the best bars around the world, including top cocktail bars in London, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore, Helsinki, New York and Tokyo, to celebrate Valentine’s weekend. A weekend of love is offering signature FAIR. concoctions using FAIR. Vodka, FAIR. Gin and FAIR. Goji Liqueur. The bars will showcase two drinks one for her (vodka based) and one for him (gin based). The list of participating venues includes places like Smith & Whistle, Ekcovision, 68 & Boston, Hospital Club, Damson & Co, Jinjuu, Asparagasm, Circus, Tiny Leaf, Fairly Square, Sofitel St James, German Gymnasium (London), Club Street Social, House of Dandy (Singapore), Duddles (Hong Kong), Pastor, The Mess, Block by Dylan (Helsinki),Saba, Blind Pig (Dublin), Nieuw Amsterdam, Waterslide, Polly Bar (Melbourne) and many more.

"It is madness says reason It is what it is says love"

"It is impossible says experience It is what it is says love"

Mi Amore, 68 & Boston, London

30ml Strawberry Infused Gin

15ml Crème de Violette

15ml Sugar Syrup

15ml Lemon Juice

2 Dashes of Orange Bitters

Topped with Prosecco, and Garnished with Lemon and a packet of Love Hearts.

#LOVEAFAIR. all around the world to raise awareness on fair-trade farming in developing countries.