The first thing that struck me about La Philosophe Vodka was its name. Very unusual but very characteristic for its country of origin. France gave the world many great philosophers including names like René Descartes, August Comte, Jean-Paul Sartre. For me, as a former philosophy student, it was a love at first sight without even trying it!

I think, therefore I am or shall we say I drink, therefore I am?

La Philosophe Vodka is premium vodka born in the Cognac region, using its finest wheat and water. The bottle design is very clean and elegant - an old printing paper texture completed with geometric patterns. And what about the taste? The taste is very colourful with fresh notes of citrus and soft spicy finish.

And who is behind La Philosophe Vodka? Two young entrepreneurs, bon vivants and good friends Alexandre and Guillaume, who decided to transform their passion into a smooth crystal clear spirit, using a touch of madness as a special ingredient. How brilliant!

If you are in France and want to enjoy premium quality vodka, definitely look for LA PHILOSOPHE VODKA.