I always wanted to visit Saint Petersburg, Venice of the North, The City of three revolutions, Russia’s “window on Europe”. Founded by Tsar Peter I, the city is admired as a Mecca of cultural, historical, and architectural landmarks in Russia. My desire to visit Saint Petersburg was fuelled by two key facts. First - The State Hermitage Museum – One of the largest museums in the world with an exceptional paintings collection including names such as Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Vincent Van Gogh, Vasily Kandinsky and many others. I have to admit, I love art just as much as I love vodka. So as you may have already guessed the second reason for my Saint Petersburg’s visit was to experience the authentic Russian hospitality and their vodka.


Saint Petersburg is home to the Russian Standard state-of-the art Distillery. It stands close to Lake Ladoga, whose soft and pure waters of glacial origin are perfectly suited for Russian Standard Vodka's distilling process. They also select only the finest food-quality grain, which contributes to the unique sensory profile and taste of Russian Standard Vodka.

Russian Standard.png

The portfolio includes Russian Standard Original Vodka, Russian Standard Platinum Vodka and Russian Standard Gold Vodka. The bottle design is very attractive and stylish, changing the color from the gunmetal grey to the classy vibrant gold and retaining its Cyrillic lettering. You have to be prepared to drink only neat vodka in Russia, and trust me the measures are enourmous! I had a chance to taste the whole range of the Russian Standard and my favourite was Russian Standard Gold Edition. The taste of this vodka is very well balanced, pleasant on the palate with a nice warm and earthy hit of vanilla, honey and pepper to finish. I confess it went down extremely smoothly and the bottle didn’t last long in my vodka cabinet. Grab your bottle of Russian Standard Vodka Gold Edition now and you won't be disappointed! What else to add? NA ZDOROVIE! (Cheers in Russian).