Smirnoff, Absolut, Finlandia, Russian Standard… Classic vodka brands sold across the world in bars, restaurants, supermarkets and liquor shops. Three times distilled vodkas, great to mix with coke, lemonade or tonic. Add a fresh lime and it’s a perfect “night out” drink.

But today, let's learn about different brands of vodka, brands that are created with a very unique ingredient: PASSION. The final product is tasty, smooth and its design will grab your attention.


No.1 on the list is: CH Vodka – Chicago’s Local Vodka

Created by vodka enthusiasts in the heart of Chicago. The triple distilled vodka made of local grain from Kane County, Illinois. Its smooth taste will tickle your taste buds and make you realize it’s not just pure ethanol and water you're drinking, it has its own inimitable character.

Enjoy chilled CH Vodka cocktail in their own stylish bar in Chicago's West Loop.



CH Distillery, Chicago

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No.2 on the list is: Bainbridge Legacy Organic Vodka, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Bainbridge Distillery is a family business founded in 2009 in Washington State on America’s west coast. Proudly producing one of the best organic vodkas using its own grain varieties. With a clean crisp and almost creamy vanilla taste.

It was judged the world’s best vodka 2014 from a field of more than 1000 competitors at the World Drinks Awards in London.

“Being small is an advantage, and with a dedication to complete transparency in our process, our ingredients and our business practices. We are proud to be independent, and independently minded.” says Keith Barnes the owner of the Bainbridge distillery.



Bainbridge Organic


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No.3: Boyd and Blair Potato Vodka, Glenshaw, Pennsylvania

Try something special today. Try Boyd & Blair’s flavourful vodka taste with a hint of vanilla, black pepper and honey.

Precisely handcrafted in small batches using only locally sourced Pennsylvania potatoes. Distilled in an old warehouse, each batch of Boyd & Blair Vodka is made from scratch always bottled from the high quality "heart" of the distillate. The result is smooth, flavorful vodka of exceptional quality, triple distilled and charcoal filtered. Every bottle is filled, corked and dipped in wax by hand.



Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, Pennsylvania

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No.4: Goral Vodka Master, Slovakia

A Unique Vodka with soft, velvety and clean taste.

Born in Stara Lubovna, a small Slovakian town on the outskirts of the Tatra Mountains. The secret of Goral vodka is the use of high quality winter wheat that undergoes a 7-column distillation process followed by a 7-fold filtration through special blend of natural materials (charcoal, zeolite and diamond).

The essential part of the Goral Vodka Master distilling process is water. The strength, purity and freshness of the Tatra Mountain streams give Goral Vodka Master its unique character.

goral vodka.jpg

The 2011 Beverage Testing Institute called Goral "A very pleasant easy drinking vodka". Clear, aromas of toasted nuts, charcoal and pepper dust with a supple dryish light-to-medium and an anise, tarragon, creme Anglaise and chalk accented finish.


GAS Familia, Slovakia

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No.5: Adnams Longshore Premium Vodka

Last up is Adnams Longshore Premium Vodka. One of three vodkas produced at the Southwold distillery in Suffolk, UK. Distilled from a three-grain blend using locally grown barley, wheat and oats and bottled at a perky 48% ABV for extra kick. Using Adnams brewing expertise to add creaminess and smoothness.


Experts say it smells like a meringue, rich and sweet and it has a distinctly citrus-cream fruity flavour with hints of wood. “Longshore artisan vodka is an outstanding example, offering a powerful and full flavour on the palate with an extremely long finish.”

Judges at the International Wine and Spirit Competition said that Longshore was “rich in texture with barley and sherbet aromas, plenty of roasted cereal flavours lingering on the nose”.


Adnams Copper House Distillery,

Suffolk, United Kingdom

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